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Firearms Training

MATC’s firearms instructors are all current or former law enforcement/military members with specialized firearms instructor credentials. Our training concepts are simple, understand the goals of our students (individual or group), and tailor training courses to their needs/goals from basic to advanced. We are not competition shooting coaches, but instead focus on private citizens, licensed security officers and commissioned law enforcement officers who are looking to enhance their individual shooting skills. Let us create a shooting curriculum for you, or select one of our core firearms programs to enhance your shooting experience.

Classes Available:


Illinois Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Course:

      16 Hours: For all Illinois residents not possessing previous firearms training as identified by the state of Illinois 

       8 Hours: For Illinois residents with previous firearms training (US military/law enforcement/licensed security) accepted by the state of Illinois

Basic Pistol Course:

       6 Hours: This course is designed to indoctrinate the novice shooter with safe gun handling and shooting skills using either a revolver or semi-automatic handgun. Emphasis will be placed on weapons safety (including cleaning and storage in the home), in addition to handgun shooting fundamentals. This course includes basic malfunction clearing skills.

    Coarse Goal: At the end of the 8 hours the shooter is expected to be able to safely handle the weapon and qualify on a 5 – 25 yard course with a minimum of 75% score. (30 round course)

Advanced Defensive Pistol

       6 Hours: This course is designed for the proficient target shooter wanting to enhance their shooting expertise and defensive shooting skills. The course of instruction will focus on advanced skills to include strong and support hand shooting, advanced malfunction drills, multiple targets, moving and shooting from barricades, shooting in or around vehicles, and shoot/don’t shoot scenario based training

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