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Risk Assessment Development and Mitigation

Risk Assessments (RA) and Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA) are the foundation all security programs are constructed upon.

In order to bring maximum value to the customer, a risk assessment is processed, identified, vulnerabilities studied, and the risk quantified based on the customer’s priorities and needs. The RA provides a
basis for determining what needs to be done to prevent or minimize the loss or damage to the assessed assets.


The CBA assists the customer in the decision making process as to the balance of security versus the yearly cost. The RA is the foundation of all security programs, and allows customers to conduct a factual CBA, accept risk and project security budgets in a logical and methodical manner.

Risk assessments may be conducted on personnel, facilities, activities/events and employee travel.

PSGI staff is also capable of assisting you or your organization with the conducting of Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Mitigation Planning as it pertains to the client’s individual situation and/or work environments.

We stand ready to assist in the development of your risk assessment and with mitigation remedies that suit your needs.


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