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Tailored Security Solutions
for Your B

Protective Services
Group Incorporated

License #12200951

Texas License #B13784


Security Solutions for Peace of Mind

Protective Services Group, Inc., of O’Fallon, IL, is a woman-owned business offering tailored security services for businesses of all sizes. PSGI boasts a management staff with over 100 years of law enforcement and licensed private security experience!


We provide professional armed and unarmed uniformed security officers based on your needs. You can trust us to assess and support your actual needs based on a risk/mitigation approach versus an emotional, in-the-moment reaction to an event.


Remaining a small, focused, security company allows us the opportunity to provide all of our customers the special attention needed to guarantee their future security needs are met in a cost effective manner.

What We Offer

Armed & unarmed uniformed security officers


Nationwide strike security and NLRB documentation

Technical assistance with security systems

Security for retail locations, industrial facilities, churches, and special events

Our Security Solutions

Four solutions for all your security needs.

Security Guards

Depending on your requirements, PSGI’s services include armed or unarmed security officers. We are qualified to provide:

  • Foot and vehicle patrols

  • Inspection services

  • Fire patrol

  • Equipment checks

  • Access control

  • Labor relations personnel support


PSGI also provides Professionally Trained Security Officers for the following situations:

  • Reception/Concierge Services – Reception desk/lobby security

  • Console Operations – CCTV and alarm room operations/monitoring

  • Special Events/Activities – Larger gatherings, such as, weddings, picnics, community and private events

Strike Security Risk Assessments

PSGI has over 2 decades of implementing Risk Assessments, Strike Security plans and Transportation Security operations during labor disputes.


Our NLRB trained cadre has managed numerous Nursing, Teamster, USW, IBEW and other labor disputes through the country. Our administration and training of our strike security teams is second to none. We not only maintain nationwide security licenses we also ensure our officers are fully licensed in the state, county and in some case cities in which they need to operate in as well as our strike security officers are fully trained to gather the appropriate evidence in cases of picket line violations. With nationwide recruiting of military veterans and former Law Enforcement officers PSGI can employ any requirement of security that is needed to secure your personnel, property, products and brand all the while using the legal methods to document picket line and NLRB violations. Our Evidence managers will work with your legal team to build a properly structured evidentiary case files that will be ready for any court process. 

Media Protection

Media Protection is essential for journalists, newscasters, and personnel on the frontlines of events in your city.

We offer numerous opportunities to protect frontline media talent. PSGI management has proven its capability to afford news directors and media management the confidence to send their valuable assets into the field to obtain the facts on fast moving issues. PSGI will train media staff to prepare them to avoid critical mistakes during civil unrest and hostile situations. Only our most senior and experience are deployed in these matters.

Pictured is Brian Anderson, one of our security professionals, protecting the CNN crew and their multimillion dollar satellite transmission truck for the July 4th celebration in St. Louis, Missouri.


Close Personal Protection

Close personal protection can provide you with the peace of mind you need in any situation.


Also known as body guards, our close personal protection professionals will ensure the safety of you or your loved ones. Whether you need guaranteed safety for a witness, high-profile client, public official, politician, or more, we can provide high-quality protection that anticipates all risks and is equipped to address them.

Civil Unrest Protection

When civil unrest occurs, turn to us for protection for your business or home.


Civil unrest protection ensures safety in the midst of protests or riots. Whether you're looking to protect your business or home from damage, our security professionals are trained to assess and enact during civil unrest.


PSGI is a licensed fingerprint agency within the State of Illinois, conducting both LiveScan (electronic) and ink-rolled prints.

Live Scan Fingerprint Uses
If you do not see your requirement listed below, please call us at (618) 310-1500 and inquire if your needs can be me

  • Childcare License

  • Firearms Concealed Carry (Individual)

  • Locksmith

  • Early Intervention Services

  • Message Therapist

  • Health Care Nursing Home Resident Check

  • Healthcare worker background check act

  • Private Alarm Contractor

  • Private Adoption Applicants

  • Children, Family and Adoption Services

  • Private Security Contractor

  • Security Guards

  • Firefighters

  • Private School Matriculants

  • Local Government Employees

  • Nurses

  • Fingerprint Vendor

  • Private Detective

  • Public School Matriculants

  • Medical School Matriculants

  • Concealed Carry Instructor

  • Medical Marijuana

Ink-Rolled Fingerprint Uses

  • International Travelers — All international travelers (business or recreational travelers) should consider developing a personal protection portfolio (P3). Along with other essential documents and a recent personal photo, should be a recent (within the past 5 years) set of legible, ink rolled fingerprints.

  • School Volunteers — We recommends all school volunteers as part of their background check be fingerprinted on a voluntary basis. The completed fingerprint cards with all relevant identifying data for the volunteer is retained by the individual school volunteer coordinator to be used as the school deems necessary during the background check process.

  • Family members — We recommend all families consider developing Personal Protection Portfolios for each family member which would include a full set of ink rolled fingerprints. The Personal Protection Portfolio (P3) should be maintained by the parents in a secure location accessible to caregivers in the case of emergencies.


Fingerprinting Locations & Office Hours

Our office or yours? Our primary fingerprinting office is located in O’Fallon, Illinois. Individual printing appointments are conducted here; however, we are capable of remote service for groups of 10 or more requiring LiveScan support.


Call 618-310-1500 to schedule your appointment. Appointments are necessary to ensure a fingerprint technician is available to promptly assist you.​ 


Office Hours: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)

What to bring to your appointment

  • ​Government issued Identification Card

  • Cash, Check or Money Order for $70

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are the foundation that all security programs are built upon.


A risk assessment is processed, identified, vulnerabilities studied, and the risk quantified based on the customer’s priorities and needs. The risk assessment provides a basis for determining what needs to be done to prevent or minimize the loss or damage to the assessed assets.


We assist the customer in the decision making process as to the balance of security versus the yearly cost. The risk assessment allows customers to conduct a factual analysis, accept risk, and project security budgets in a logical and methodical manner. Risk assessments may be conducted on personnel, facilities, activities/events and employee travel.

We can also assist you or your organization and conduct a Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Mitigation Planning as it pertains to your individual situation and work environments.

Crisis Management

Planning for an emergency is the most important thing you can do for your employees and company.

PSGI has the expertise to help you review your existing plan and/or develop a new one so that your company is prepared for an emergency.

Our Emergency Management Process is as follows:

  • Preparedness – the pre-planning that occurs in anticipation of an emergency.

  • Response – begins the execution of the plans and allocations of resources identified in the preparedness phase.

  • Recovery – restoring services and site restoration with short and long terms goals.

  • Mitigation – activities that help reduce losses from the on-going effects of an emergency.

We're here and ready to help any business or organization prepare for all emergencies, whether it is a natural disaster or man-made event.

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