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Private Investigative Support

Hurst Investigation Services Inc.

Illinois License #117001248

Missouri License #2011024380

Investigative Support

Hurst Investigations Services, Inc. provides professional investigative support to our clients.


Clients are provided with an initial intake interview at no charge. This interview provides valuable insight for where and how the case is expected to proceed.


We do not control the outcome of any investigation, however, we will render a fact-based investigative report. All services will remain in strict confidence.

What We Offer

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No-cost initial interview

Licensed private investigators

Fact-based results

Our Investigative Solutions

Five solutions for all your investigative needs.

Investigations Services & Surveillance

Optimum's overall commitment to our clients is to conduct professional investigations and provide quality service. Their investigators include seasoned veterans from local police departments and the United States government. We offer the following services:

  • Case Development — Planning and conducting interviews, research, evidence identification, and professional reporting.

  • Surveillance — As required by the client to disclose suspicious, covert or unreported activities.

  • Surveillance Detection — Assisting clients to determine if they, or their place of business are under surveillance (physical or technical.)

  • Skip Tracing/ Locating Services — Computerized capability to identify last know locations of persons; potential phone numbers, relatives, criminal conviction history, previous employment, neighbors and biographical details; location of vehicles and property that are being repossessed.

National Process Service

Hurst Investigation Services is licensed to conduct Process Service in Illinois and Missouri. We are a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS.) We have two decades of professional experience in locating and serving all types of cases.

We accept “rush” and “priority” service requests.

Attorney/Law Firm Investigative Support

Since 1996, we have offered professionally trained investigators to support attorneys and law firms in the development of criminal defense and civil litigation. Our in-depth investigative techniques, coupled with law enforcement and military experience, significantly enriches the value provided during case development.



  • Locating witnesses

  • Witness Interviews

  • Interview and documentation of witness statements

  • Investigative leads development

  • Records identification and retrieval assistance

  • Video and still photography (as required)

  • Surveillance

  • Professional Court testimony in both State and Federal court

Worker's Compensation

Our investigators are available to assist employers, risk managers, and insurance agencies by identifying and documenting worker’s compensation fraud through observation and digital recording in southern Illinois and eastern Missouri.


Our Services Include:

  • Investigating suspicious claims

  • Discreet surveillance and documentation of suspected fraudulent claims

  • Report of findings upon completion of the investigation

  • Court room testimony

Background Investigations

Hurst Investigation Services, Inc conducts varying levels of background investigations (BI) based on the needs of the client:

Available Reports

  • Basic Locator Report — Residential history, possible associates and likely contact phone numbers

  • Comprehensive Report — Residential history, possible associates, likely contact phone numbers, possible employer(s), professional licenses, and mortgage information.

  • Employment Background Investigations — Includes a comprehensive report and verification of address, education and criminal convictions via online resources where available. Additionally reference checks and employment verification are conducted.

Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal defense investigations are an important part of the legal process for many.
Include Hurst Investigations as a key component to building a strong defensive strategy.

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